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We are delighted you are visiting our page for Genealogy about Nes in Hallingdal. See Anna's page for "Rosemaling" if your interest is painting.
You will find we do a lot of things and our interest is wide and we do have a variety of interests.

In genealogical research, no fact is ever an absolute!

Deb Nelon Gourley have written a beautiful book from her experience in Genealogy and about her ancestors. Click for her Web-site.

A good Genealogist always try to research the generation before Adam and Eve!

Genealogy from Nes in Hallingdal. All about Nes books by author Terje Østro  

Nes Gards- og Slektshistorie.

Genealogy from Flå in Hallingdal. All about Flå books by author Terje Østro  

Flå Gards- og Slektshistorie.

Anna Maria's rosemaling page.
Anna Maria´s rosemaling


650 million years ago a big meteorite with a 2-300 m diameter struck this area.
The meteorite crater..
Church books from Nes in Hallingdal. You want to know more write a request to the owner of this Web site - He might be able to help you a bit on your way!
Church books from Nes in Hallingdal.
All about my mothers side. The Dokken family. G.G.Grandfather Lars Lasen Bakken.
Lars Larsen Arnegårdeie - Slektshistorie.
Don Williams. Cabin for rent! Nice coosy place for the ones that like a quiet place!   My website for Amatur Radio
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Some pictures I have taken from the area.

Norsk Radio Relæ Liga.
Out of all the artist I have ever liked is Don Williams the on I have listen to the most. There are few American classics these days, but Don Williams is certainly one of them. With a warm hickory baritone that balances strength with a gentle concern, he draws his listener into the intimate world of an old friend, someone who cares deeply about you and the quality of your life ... and who will always offer a hand when you need it. “I don't think there's anything we have to do daily in our walk that`s more important than how we deal with each other,” Williams confesses. “To me, it is everything. So when you are looking for songs, if they can express that, then you have found something special.”

Being a Ham Operator since 1980 I have got many friends around the world. This hobby is a very amazing . I have also had the possibility to operate as SO9FY from Skorzow close to Cieszyn near Tsjekkia border. The place is about 70 km south west of Katowice. My operation in Poland started in 1985.
The second main interest has been the Red Cross. The mountain rescue group I have been involved in for more then 30 years. This has been a very educative form and a very healthy one. Learning about nature and how to handle extreme weather and other conditions is highly recommended to any youngsters.
Since my early days I have been into rifle shooting and handguns. Rifle shooting is one of the biggest sports in Norway. Every community has it`s own association. The hunting is a big sport with a lot of possibilities. In Norway shooting and holding guns is a culture.
There is of course problems that so many people have guns. But in every country this can be a problem. There is always someone that cant handle to have guns and behave as a normal person. But there is very great restrictions to have and receive permission to keep a weapon.

My job was in the Mail service - Posten Norge AS. It was times I wondered why I still was working in this place. This place is full of intriges! And it seems that the lack of integrity was a mirror of the boss. This team does not support their workers to use their best skills in any way. Leaders of the service is more occupied to secure their own jobs then use the workes good quialities for the best for the unit. Don`t say you have qualities and skills! If you do - you are a treath to your boss!

I am very happy that I don't take part in such a failure any more!

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