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About myself.

I am born in June 1951 in Nesbyen.

I am an original citizen from Nesbyen in Hallingdal. I was growing up in the middle of the centrum.

My father was the owner of a woodwork factory close to home and my knowledge about wood I learned from him. I have been interested in all kind of things and through the years I have tried to learn a lot of things.

Ski jumping, ice-skating, cross-country skiing, downhill, 4H, stamps, diving, Ham Radio, Red Cross, book keeping, movie driver, computing(last 15 years!), woodworker, woodturner, Genealogy and a lot more.

You name it - I know it!

There is no problem too big - only the solution can take some time to solve.

Just now my main hobby is computer and Genealogy.

Went to the elementary school in Nesbyen. Nesbyen is one of the most nice places in Norway. The highest temperature in Norway is here. Nesbyen have the highest score on temperatures above 20 - 25 and 30 degreese Celsius in the whole Norway. Clima is very good - when you know the place is on 61 degrees north.

After primary school I start to work and have been doing this since 1970.

Posten Norge

Since 1975 my job is at the Mailservice as "Landpostbud". I am driving with my car and deliver the mail to more then 300 families and the trip is about 65 kilometer. I meet a lot of persons every day and the job give me great comfort. I selebrated my 25 aniversery in the same job in May 2001.


I have been married once before. Today I and Anna live one the farm after my father 8 km from the centrum of Nesbyen..We have no children but both we have grown up children from before. Anna have 2 children - a son and a daughter living in Wuppertal Germany. The daughter is a hair stylist and the son is going his last year at the University in Wuppertal. His education will be Electronic Engineer with a master degree. I have a son working in Oslo area for a hightec company. Sorry we don't have any contact with him.

I also work in the Nes Kommune. Where I run the movie in the evenings.

This job has become my most famouse one since 1997. Then we got a new movie here in Nesbyen and this movie is now with DTS - Digital Theatre Sound - and the movie is very accurate for this new media. After 30 years in this job I have seen a lot of movies.
Shooting is another hobby I was doing a lot till an accident stopped this in 1995. I cut my finger who I needed for the trigger and then it stopped. Pistol and gun is my favorite. I also handled the rifle with great success.

One of my best hobbies have been in the Red Cross.

I Red Cross I have learned most of my knowledge about mother nature. The job as a leader for many years learned me how to treat other people and get the most out of everyone of them. It was always a challange to get out in any kind of weather and to meet all the different people that needed your help. This education have learned me that we should take more care about not only ourselves.

I had 30 years anniversary in 1997. The local Red Cross is today a million business. I work now with their book keeping.

They owe a big cabin, a members house in the city and a lot of equipment for warious cescue operations

Now my hobby is making things from the wood. Like bowl, dish, pencils, chairs and cabinets.

The last hobby I am into I suppose started because I am very interested in my anchestors.

I research Nes parish in Hallingdal - Buskerud and that I a great job. So far I have more then 5000 names put together for families here in Nes. The total of persons I do have written down is more then 20000. They will be put in their right places as times goes and my research is going on.

Just now I am into the 1760 - 1800. Just a short while ago the Archive released some new years from the parish and the years from 1880 till 1912 is researchable. This knowledge is comon to me but it is nessesary to have all confirmed before I release my knowledge.


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