Pistol and rifle shooting.
Since my early age I have been into shooting. This is the biggest sport in Norway if you calculate the people that do this for sport and hunting. In Norway shooting and holding guns is a culture.
There is of course problems that so many people have guns. But in every country this can be problems. There is always someone that can't handle to have guns and behave as a normal person. But there is very great restrictions to have and receive permission to hold a weapon.
As a member of our local club you can shoot almost every day if you like. There is a new field for 25 meter pistol/revolver shooting only 6 km outside the village. There is automatic timer for all kind of programs for handgun shooting.
With pistol I have the score of 575 points out of 600 by 22 caliber VM-program pressure. Fast shooting - my score is 593 out of 600. I feel that this is not too bad.!! We also do some field shooting here. This is mostly for fun with bigger caliber. The possibilities is great if you want to be into this. There is I believe more then 50 members in the local club.
The field for the rifle shooting is a huge area for up to 300 meter target shooting. The club is one of the biggest in the village for sport. Arrangements here is every week for almost any kind of shooting. Local competitions and regional competitions. There is also every year a day for everyone - that want to - can come and shoot and receive prices after everyone standard. This day is called in Norway: "Skytingens Dag".
I take part in pistol shooting in other places in Norway too. Like Drammen, Oslo, Aardal and Honefoss. Almost every weekend there is something to do if you like to travel around and meet friends. The friendship is good among this people.

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