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GENEALOGY in Rukkedalen.
When I first started searching for my family I thought it would be fast! But after a lot of reading and searching - the family lines is rather difficult. I need to say that looking for my family here in Rukkedalen is very easy. I need to look in the church book for Nes only. This is great help - I know that most of the family is located in one place only.
But when you have so small area you need to start all over again very often. Why? Because you are getting involved in more and more families. So now I am down to the conclution that I need to write all names from this area. Easy job - no - it is very time consuming.
I will be makeing more and more family trees on my homepage. I don't see now how many there will be. But to my guess there will be several. So don't miss anything - be looking - and most of all. If you can help me out in any way PLEASE tell me your informations. I might be the help for you in return.

Bjørn Halvorsen Sletten Was the owner of Stupa Gnr. 58, bnr. 29. The farme have been in the family since 1860. Cultivable ground 45 da., other farming ground 210 da., productive forrest 345 da., other ground 515 da. Summer fields belonging to Stupa. In Saupeset og Grønhovd. Bjørn gave the farm to his son Nils Bjørnsen Stupa. He hold the farm to his death in 1968. Now his son Martin Stupa held the farm till 1989. Owner from 1989 is Nils Arvid Stupa married to Henny Ingrid Meaas - daughter of Fingar Meaas. She came from the farm Maurebråten. Fingar changed the farm name when he took over to Meaas.

Steingrim Oleivson Uppheim Steingrim f. 1750 d. 1819. Han var sønn av Oleiv Steingrimson Uppheim på Torpo.f.1721 d. 1767. Oleiv var første gang gift (1743) med Guro Olsdatter Markegård fra Hemsedal..f.1726 d. 1748 datter av Ola Olsson Markegård (ca. 1672 - 1741) og Ingri Aslesdatter Torset (ca. 1683 - 1755) Oleiv's foreldre var Steingrim Olsson Uppheim fra Hoftun i Gol. f.1697 og Turi Rasmusdatter Uppheim, nordre. f. ca. 1687. Barn fra første ekteskap var Turi Oleivsdatter f. 1746 - 1755.
Oleiv var gift for 2. gang med Kari Jacobsdatter Eikli, nordre. f.1727 og d. 1809 i Nes.
Oleiv og Kari fikk 10 barn. Barn nr. 2 var Steingrim Oleivson Roe. hans far skrev seg i 1767 for Roe da han mottok arven etter far sin.
Steingrim giftet seg i 1776 med Barbro Guttormsdatter Devegge, f.1773 d.1793. Fikk 5 barn med Barbro. Disse er opphavet til slekten Vissebråten, Huse, Jordesplass.Giftet igjen med Ingebjørg Hansdatter Sjåheim i 1793. Fikk 2 barn med Ingebjørg. Slekten Livgård stammer herfra. Ble igjen gift i 1806 med Mari Pedersdatter Skirvemoen (nordre). f.1784 d.1819. De fikk 2 barn.
Steingrim ble konfirmert i Nes i 1777 hvor han bodde. Han og Barbro bodde i 1777 i Renslo. I 1786 bygslet de Nilseplassen eller Nilsestuen under Arnegård og ble i denne tiden ofte skrevet som Bruvolden. I 1801 kjøpte han Huse under Skirvemoen i Rukkedalen og ble boende der.

Barbro Dokken Kollhus Barbro Larsdatter Ellingbråten born 10.06.1862. Married first time with Knut Olsen Velta born 10.03 1847. They lived on the farm Velta, sited between Bæken and the bridge (Jernbanebrua) in Nesbyen. The father of Knut got rights to use this farm Velta in 1852.
When Knut died Barbro found his new husband Ivar Ivarson Asgrimsplass b. 23.12.1866. He had also lost his wife. They moved to the farm Kollhus in Rukkedalen that Ivan bought just before he lost his wife.
I have received the help from Anne Marie Kollhus to put this family together.

Syver Pedersen Vissebråten Syver Pedersen Bekkene was born on the place Bekkene under the farm Eidal 1st. October 1825. He married to Ingeborg Østendatter Huse born 29th November 1829, 12th. October 1854. On this time it was Ingeborgs sister Barbro and her husband Halvor Thygesen Binderplass. Who was the owner of Steenbråten. Peder took over and bought the farm in 1870. Now the farm was named Vissebråten, øvre (upper).
Vissebråten. Gnr. 58, bnr. 30 - Rukkedalen. Dyrkbar jord 18 da.(mold), annet jordbruksareal 5 da., prod. skog 60 da. annet ca.40 da. Våningshus, låve m. fjøs, bryggerhus bygget 1938, stabbur 1910. Sollien summerfarm was bought in 1870.
Syvers son Peder owned the farm up to 1941 when my grandfather Syver bought the farm. My father Per Asbjørn took over in 1962. He made the road to the farm and started to rebuild the houses. Bryggerhuset (another name of the house - not main house)that was built in 1938 are moved and used as a cabin in Skredderstølen. It has been built a summerhouse on this place. Våningshuset (main house) was built in 1986.

Margrethe Vissebråten
Margrethe is the daughter of Margit and Syver Vissebråten. She married Sigurd Kristian Larsen from Nes and in 1955 they left for Edmonton - Canada. They was back in Norway several times. The last time Margrethe was here - was in 1996 after Sigurd's death in 1994.

Ragnvald Eidal Ragnvald was the owner of Eidal, Nordre. Gnr. 56, bnr. 38 - Rukkedalen. The farm have been in the family in many generations.
Ragnvald owned the farm together with his brother Knut from 1938 till 1957 when he bought Knut Eidal's half. Today it is the son Kristen Harald Eidal who own the farm after Ragnvald from 1978. 115 da. cultivable ground. Other farmland 300 da. and 400 da. forrest. Other ground 200 da.

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