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Nes kirkesogn i Hallingdal.
Nes Stavkirke

Today I have added more pages from the marriage records in Nes and the confirmation records up till 1800. I am now finish with the rewrite of the church books and will add more pages now and then. All of you waiting for them please write me and ask about your quiery. I will answer you as soon as I can.

About the Farm and Family history that are made: Terje Østro have got all the papers that have been send to me via E-mail. He is very thankful to all of you that have send your family trees and information. He have no Internet access but you can send your questions via me.

I do hope as you read this page and talk about it in USA or Canada that you give the information to more people and tell them to contact me. Please give my address to anyone you think has something to tell. All information will be handled confidensially and only given to the author of the Farm and Family books - Mr. Terje Østro who is a good friend of mine.

The books will be released as soon he is finished with the latest information. As of today the first books will be available later this year. The plan is to make the first book from Flå and the first book from Nes available as soon the material is checked carefully. There is a hope for the first books later or just before the Christmas 2001. I will publish the info and how to get them later here and on the Rootsweb NORWAY-L list.

Picture book from Nes in Hallingdal(2001)
First book about Nes - Farm and Family history - June 2002.

A brand new picture book from Nes will be released on 24th of June 2001. The book will more then 360 pages and there is more then 700 pictures included. The text will be in Norwegian but I am sure that the most valuable things is the pictures of the life, work, industry, farming, communications, education from more then 100 year ago. It will be a valuable item for the relatives of Immigrated people from Nes parish.

The book will be available for those of you that want to pay with a VISA card.

Important!!   The book will be available from this shop only:

Hallingdal Libris, avd. Nesbyen, Post office box 33, N-3541 Nesbyen.
E-mail address:

information for all books written about.

Short about Immigration from Hallingdal.

Emigration from Hallingdal to America started in 1839. In the church books in Hallingdal where Nes parish is located show 1667 persons emigrated to America from 1839 to 1855. This number is far to low. After reading the books from Vesterheim I believe the amount is closer to 2500 in the same time. In the book "Buskerud Amt 1814 - 1914" we can read that from 1866 to 1910 emigrated 7992 persons from Hallingdal to America. This shows that a total of 12074 persons went to America from Hallingdal. This again tells us and give us an idea the large amount that went out considering that in 1900 Census there where only 12583 persons living in Hallingdal.
How many of them who came from Nes I have no number of. But it should be more then 2000 or closer to 3000. Nes had only about 2200 persons listed in the 1900 census.(Most of this information is collected from Botol Baklien's lists over Emigrants from Hallingdal.)

Nes Prestegjeld - dåps protokoller
Dåpsprotokoller - Birth protocols.

This protocols I have started to write down from the year 1786. If you have questions I would be delighted to answer you as good and soon as possible. In the beginning the records show only the baptize date. There is also a difference in the last name and how it is written/missing.

Year start page 1764.
Konfirmasjonsprotokoller - Confirmation protocols.

The protocols start the year 1788. In the beginning they are every 2 years. It is no regularity in this. From 1834 they seems to be every year. There is from the beginning no father or mother name added to the records.Later you will see difference in this and the value of the records is more obvious.The age is always listed and the birth date is listed later.

Year finished: 1788, 1790, 1791, 1792, 1794, 1795, 1797, 1798, 1799

Nes Prestegjeld -

Vielse - Ekteskap - Marriage protocols.

Mariage protocols are very good. The main problem in the beginning is that there is no farm names added to the records. The same is with the fathers names and the age of the two.

Years finished: 1787-1790, 1790-1792, 1793-1795, 1796-1799

Nes Prestegjeld

The death protocols is listed with name and last name. The last name is where the dead person came from. this is not always the birth place. Then is listed the age.

New pages will be added all the time!

Nes Parish
1787 - 1799
Flå Parish
1764 - 1770
Gol Parish
1764 - 1766
Hemsedal Parish
1764 - 1766

Nes parish contain also the church records from Flå, Gol and Hemsedal. I will try to make them avilable for you too. I have just now started and the first years are finished.


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