Guestbook 2003 for Steinar Vissebråten

******** Received from Linda Sanden Youcha ( - 2003.1.23-3.56.13 ********

Just found this site and want to find out more about my great grandparents who lived on Sanden farm, Vilhelm Olson and Sigrid Olson, and my grandfather Anker Vilhelmson. Thank you for doing all you have done. It is wonderful. I want to know more about Nesbyen and Hallingdal.

******** Mottatt fra Vivan Hetland ( - 2003.2.2-22.21.22 ********

Hei Steinar og Anna! Bare en liten hilsen fra Klæbu. Lenge siden sist! - Vivan -

******** Mottatt fra Ingeborg Åmellem ( - 2003.2.13-20.8.4 ********

Hei! Drev og kikka på internett etter slekt og div. og kom over sida di. Ville bare si at det var en flott og innteresant side. Ser foresten rett over til deg. Hilsen frs Solheim

******** Received from Anita (Sanden) Bikowitz ( - 2003.5.26-13.35.54 ********

I am looking for information on my grandfather, John Hansen Sanden. He was born in Lom, Norway to Hans Tarud and Thora Kristendatter on January 31, 1885 in Lom, Norway. He came to the US before 1912. I was told he came with a brother but have no information on any siblings including names. Any information would be most appreciated. Thank you.

******** Received from Darlyne Green ( - 2003.6.8-6.29.5 ********

I have been looking at your site, I am real interested in Norway having lots of relatives that immigrated to America. But I just found out I have a second cousin living in Nes, and his name is Ole Arneson Dokken. Terje Ostro gave me his address. I am related to Terje also on his grandmother's side. Thank you for the nice pictures.

******** Received from Tiffany Unger Rambusch ( - 2003.12.9-0.5.41 ********

What an interesting site. I am part of the Larsen family. My grandmother was Phyllis (Larsen) Unger, daughter of Louis Larsen and granddaughter to Louis Larsen, who came to the United States from Norway. My family is in Wisconsin (I reside in Georgia) My father, Jay Unger, has been researching our geneology and corresponds with Steinar. I would love to see more photos, if you have them. However, thank you for a glimpse into my ancestry.