Guestbook 2001 for Steinar Vissebråten

******** Received from Bernie and Bev Dokken ( - 2001.1.16-6.15.54 ********

Greetings from North Dakota. I am the son of Lars Dokken from Cabri, Sask, Canada. I have heard much about you from Harlan Braathen and Duane Hagen. Harlan is my wife's cousin and Duane is my wife's sister. They have kept us informed about you. We will looking forward to visiting with you on the web. Beverly and Bernard Dokken

******** Received from Gerry Mohn ( - 2001.1.26-3.42.39 ********

Hi; Have spent a couple hours looking at your url and lessoning to the music. It was great and I got a good chuckle out of your little people and all their action. I am a 73 yr old grandmother and really have enjoyed doing our family genealogy: Eidskog, Hedmark; Sorteberg, Krodsherad, Buskerud; Forde Sveio, Hordaland. My son was born in 1949, so you are about his age. Your work is just beautiful, what a great art you have been blessed with. I live right across the river from Moorhead, MN at Fargo, ND, and saw Lars was in Moorhead. MN Grandma Gerry Mohn Fargo, ND

******** Received from Tom Videen ( - 2001.3.19-18.59.59 ********

How wonderful to find your site! I am 53 years old and have recently become interested in genealogy. All of my great- great-grandparents emigrated from either Norway or Sweden and came to Minnesota between 1850-1870. I think at least 1/4 of them came from Hallingdal. I travelled through Hallingdal 2 years ago on the train from Oslo to Bergen but at that time did not know exactly where my ancestors lived. It seemed a very pretty area and I think my ancestors must have found Minnesota rather bleak! I look forward to revisiting your site. Tom

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******** Received from Julie Knutson Milan ( - 2001.4.10-23.25.56 ********

What a nice site. As a 3rd generation of Norwegian American emmigrants, I appriciate being able to visit a Norwegian site written in English as I unfortunately do not speak Norwegian. I am only begining to learn about Norway and am enjoying finding my roots there. I intend on coming back often to view the updates.

******** Received from John R. Huff Jr. ( - 2001.4.24-19.6.21 ********

I haven't quite finished viewing your site. I really did like the blue wooden clock. Is it real or a decoration? You certainly have a wonderful talent for design in wood. Let me hear from you. The Best, John R. Huff Jr.

******** Received from Kaye Tandberg Slover ( - 2001.6.12-18.12.59 ********

Steinar, Wow! What a great web site. You have done a super job. Kaye

******** Received from Rebecca Kaetterhenry Girdauckas ( - 2001.6.16-1.27.20 ********

Hi. I don't know anything about Lars Larson, (but I have heard the name before) or anyone else on your page. But I was wondering about this Vi Kaetterhenry you mentioned who lives in Michigan? I also am a Kaetterhenry and live in Michigan. I am not from here originally though.I was born in Portland, Oregon and raised in Idaho. My father is Kenneth Kaetterhenry. And I was curious who this Vi was because I know that anyone with the name Kaetterhenry is a relation to me. The name is just to unique. I was hoping you could give me some info on him or her? And are you any relation to the Kaetterhenry's? If so then my dad may know something about Lars. My dad was born in Wisconsin and raised in Minnesota. The name Lars Larson is very familiar to me. Well thank you and I hope to hear from you soon. Rebecca

******** Received from Louise Carlson Rich ( - 2001.8.15-1.36.33 ********

The Eidem family is really excited about this new family contact. We will try to send you all the info we have. By the way, I just love your homesite - your son is very handsome, and I could use a little of his computer knowledge.

******** Received from Dave Carlson ( - 2001.8.16-1.16.17 ********

Your email was forwarded to me through my mother, Gail Carlson who received it from Alvin Eidem..... My father,Tom Carlson, now deceased - Sept., 2000, was the son of Gladys Eidem Carlson. Gladys was my Grandmother - who I did not know because she died in 1963 before I was born (1964). Gladys' Father was T.S. Eidem. Her mother was Jenny Larson (not sure of the exact spelling of the names). I understand you are from the Larson side of the family.. This is all very interesting information. Complicated, but fascinating. Thanks for enlightening my day! (Regards, Dave Carlson - Naperville, Illinois - USA)

******** Received from Gerry Mohn ( Geraldine) (gerrymohn@cs.Com) - 2001.8.19-21.21.48 ********

I am looking for Amund Hanson's father in Fla or Aal. I believe his name is Hans Amundson (Bear Hunter) married 1710. Amund Hansen 1714-1769, married Ragne Gunnarsdatter Sept 26 1740 B. 1721-1806. Ref Krodsherad Bygdebok page 443. On Range family I have it traced to Gunnar Aselesen 1614-1686 and his son Bjorn from Kopseng. Thank You gerry

******** Received from Judi Bethune ( - 2001.10.24-3.20.12 ********

Dear Steinar: we contacted each other in 1998. My name is Judith Bethune (Lucas) and I live in Kelowna British Columbia and my mother is Louise Lucas (Dokken)born in Fosterton Saskatchewan, but lived the last 25 years in Kelowna. My sister lives in Regina Saskatchewan and she wants to contact you also. Her name is Bernice Lys (Lucas). Mother passed away one year ago May and we miss her very much. I am looking for a cousin of mine, Gordon Olson. We have lost track of him - maybe you have some information. He is the son of Eric Olson (mother's half brother) and was born and raised in Mobridge, South Dakota, USA. Last I heard from him, he was living in New York state somewhere. Best wishes to you and your family. I love the music on your web site! Be Well - Judith

******** Received from Sandy Odegard ( - 2001.10.31-22.7.38 ********

I enjoyed your site very much. Since I am not likely to ever make it to Norway myself, pictures such as yours with the narrative are the next best thing. tusen takk! Sandy

******** Received from Travis Cleveland ( - 2001.10.31-23.24.27 ********

Hei Steinar: I thoroughly enjoy your page and shall refer to it frequently. I am also appreciative for the assistance you have given me over the past few years. As you know, some of my forbears came from Ål, Flå and Nes back in 1850 and 1853 and, in fact, had the Benterud Farm in your area for a time. Thanks! Travis


******** Mottatt fra Fred-Christian Gabrielsen ( - 2001.11.25-5.2.52 ********

Heisan! Jeg har akkurat begynt å pusle med å finne ut av mine røtter. Slekta mi kommer stort sett fra Asker, Akershus og Røyken i Buskerud. Har ikke kommet så langt. Jeg har funnet ut at min Tipp3 het Johan Andreassen og var gift med en Kari Stengrimsdatter. Lurte derfor på om dette er det samme paret som du har på din tavle. "Min" Johan Andreassen var husmand u/jord og fisker i Aaros i Røyken f. omkring 1812 hans kone var født omkring 1815 ref Dig.ark.1865 Røken. Kan dette være de samme tror du? Syns jo det er litt avstand til å være på den tiden... Hadde vært gøy dersom dette stemte ettersom jeg kun har kommet til tipp3 vennlig hilsen Fred-Christian