Guestbook 2000 for Steinar Vissebråten

******** Received from Bill Reque ( - 2000.01.02-22.14.13 ********

Most surprising music out of Norway.

******** Mottatt fra LA3VP ( - 2000.01.03-21.44.21 ********

Hei Kom innom hjemmesiden din da jeg var på jakt etter familie i Nord Trøndelag. Artig at vi har to like hobbier. 73 oddvar

******** Received from Susan Barham ( - 2000.01.13-17.57.04 ********

What a delightful surprise!! I'm a new to the internet, and beginning a search for my Norwegian roots. Yours is an address that will immediately be added to my favorites. The quest for information about ancestors born as early as 1817 is a daunting one, but perserverance is the key. That's how I found you. Thanks for being there.

******** Received from Bob Johnson ( - 2000.02.10-00.17.54 ********

What a nice site. If I may, I would like to add your site to mine (link). I like the music! What a nice touch! What beautiful woodworking too. Great job! Hilsen fra Minnesota USA Bob

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******** Received from Bob Johnson ( - 2000.02.21-04.57.28 ********

What a great website! I too, have way too many interests,
but I guess that's better than sitting in front of the TV all day.
Great music too! Congratulations on a great job of putting your site together.

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******** Mottatt fra Bob Erickson ( - 2000.03.04-17.33.04 ********

Steinar, You have taken on very ambitious projects. I appreciate your willingness to help people find their ancestors, all by the internet, without charge. Bob Erickson, North Battleford, Sask. Canada

******** Received from Julie Mag (Magmodmin) - 2000.03.10-17.39.42 ********

This is a great website! The website reflects a diverse interest in hobbies and a definite interest in people. Thank you for developing this website it is both interesting and helpful!

******** Received from Carl Lawstuen ( - 2000.03.11-07.14.43 ********

Hope you continue documenting the Nes Church records. My ancestors came from the Laastuen and Gudbrandsrud farms in Nes.

******** Received from Deb Noffke ( - 2000.03.15-06.34.14 ********

Browsing seeking rosemaling images and came across your page, sure suprised me to hear the music! Your painting is wonderful. Enjoyed your site. Sure is fun to travel to Norway from Wisconsin via computer!

******** Received from Cindy Nelson ( - 2000.04.07-04.18.36 ********

Great we site! Love the country music. I have sent you an e-mail also. My son is also in a country band. Plays mostly bars but he has a lot of fun. I wonder if that is a predominant quality to Hallingdal descendants? I will visit this site often, I feel so lucky to have found it!!! Cindy in Minn.

******** Received from Cheryl ( - 2000.05.12-11.25.48 ********

I really enjoyed your site. I admire the painting on your wood items. I especially liked the clocks! I wish I could write this using the language of Norge as well as you use English. Mange takk...great site!

******** Received from Carl Westerlund ( - 2000.06.15-07.07.02 ********

Looking for information on Nes. We will be driving through Nes on July 5, 2000. My wife and I are visiting all the places in Norway where my mother's family came from. My great-great grandmother Kari Fingarsdtr (1802-1885) came from Nes. Carl Westerlund Costa Mesa, California

******** Received from Nancy Hetrick (Comets @dellnet .com) - 2000.7.20-6.26.45 ********

I have been researching my family on the internet also. My Bestemors parents came from the Gudbrandgard in Hovet. Her father's name was Swen K. Knutson, b. 1858 and immigrated 1861. What a wonderful page! I have also been learning rosemaling, folk dancing, song dances and how to make helga staks and bunads. I work for the Post Office in California, USA and also live in an area with great weather. I am still trying to pin down my Bestefar's family, but the hunt is half the fun!! God Bless and keep up the good work!!

******** Received from Richard Dokken ( - 2000.7.22-18.58.24 ********

After doing a search on Dokken, I stopped in to see if there was any connection. However, I don't think so. My ancestors were from the Sigdal/Eggedahl areas in Norway....Knud Johnsen/Anna Knudsdatter Dokken.

******** Received from Ken Brunsvold ( - 2000.8.4-14.39.40 ********

Very impressive site! My ancestors are from your area and, when I do sufficient research on my end, I hope to find help on yours. Thanks, Ken.

******** Received from Elaine Evans ( - 2000.9.1-5.53.57 ********

I just spent 10 great days in Norway. My grandmother was born Gertrude Nass in Hallingdal in 1876. Her mother's name was Guri Strand. Her father's name was Knute Nass.

******** Mottatt fra Marta Maria Espeseth ( - 2000.9.10-17.33.17 ********

Hei! Eg har fått meg ny PC med internett og er ute og surfer. Fann slektssidene dine. Dei er flotte. Helsing til deg og Anna frå uss på andre sida av dalen. Marta Maria

******** Mottatt fra Marit Østdahl ( - 2000.10.8-12.47.21 ********

Jeg ser med spenning fram til fortsettelsen på slektstavla. Jeg regner med at du har fått de opplysningene du trenger angående vår familie. Hjemmesiden var veldig fin, men min sønn anbefaler svart bakgrunn på animasjonene!! Da funker de bedre... Hils Anna!! Skal hilse fra mor og far (Thora og Olav) Marit.

******** Received from David Larsen ( - 2000.10.30-19.14.24 ********

I am glad I came across your website. Vi Kaetterhenry is my aunt (my Dad's sister) and the Louis Larsen that you speak of being in Milwaukee was my great-grandfather. I have not spoken with Mom & Dad lately about their research. Have you "spoken" with them or Megan lately? Would be interested to hear what you all have found out.

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