Guestbook 2005 for Steinar Vissebråten

Please use some time to write what family or other interest you might have regarding Family in Nes parish in Hallingdal. By doing so more people can contact you and share their information with you. Thanks in advance.

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******** Received from Tiffany Unger Rambusch ( - 2005.1.1-????? ********

What an interesting site. I am part of the Larsen family. My grandmother was Phyllis (Larsen) Unger, daughter of Louis Larsen and granddaughter to Louis Larsen, who came to the United States from Norway. My family is in Wisconsin (I reside in Georgia) My father, Jay Unger, has been researching our geneology and corresponds with Steinar. I would love to see more photos, if you have them. However, thank you for a glimpse into my ancestry.