Flaa boka
Gards- og slekts-historie for
Flaa in Hallingdal.
Sørbygda av Gulsvik-fjerdingen - I
Gulsvikvaldet av Gulsvikfjerdingen II
Flå parish in Hallingdal - Buskerud.

If you have first hand information about any persons related to the Nes and Flå - PLEASE send me the info and I'll make it available directly to Mr. Terje Østro. All info will be carefully handled and noone will use this without your permition.

This is the first 2 volumes made for Flå parish in Hallingdal. The whole project will be finished about 2010 . The author Mr. Terje Østro is also writing on the Nes Gards- og slekts-historie. And the first volume from Nes was released in June 2002.

Estimate time tabel:

Flå Gards- og slekts-historie I & II - 11th of July 2003.(Released)

Flå Gards- og slekts-historie III & IV 2008 (Released)

Flå Gards- og slekts-historie Index book - 2021?

Both index books will contain new information that will be handle over to us and corrections of the previous books.

To get a complete view of any family in Flå parish you need to buy the whole set - the same you need to do for Nes parish. The two parish is very close connected to each other regarding names, farm, churches and administration. Therefor I would recommend that all the books would put you into understanding the whole story about your family from Nes in Hallingdal.
The price of the first volume is set to 400.- Norwegian kroner. New books 450.- Postage will vary how you want to get it send to you. AirMail or slower.
Estimate prices calculated:  1st of May 2015.
The book NKr.450.- In US$ = $56
AirMail first class letter 260,- Norwegian - Include the book = $ 90
Second class letter  186,- Norwegian - Include the book = $ 80
Package 210.- Norwegian - Include the book = $ 62
There is two way of ordering the book:
VISA info send to the shop - very fast.
Pay to a special bank account - very slow way.
To my knowledge the bookshop is the biggest in whole Hallingdal and is a serious and reliable place to order your books. The Flå and Nes Kommune will be selling the books via this shop only.
Flå Gards- og slekts-historie.
View of the book.
The first 2 books will contain the area:
Will follow shortly. Need to write it down first.
The Internett address to the bookstore is:
The snail address is:
Norli as
avd. Nesbyen,
P.O.Box 33,
3541 Nesbyen.
If you choose the VISA way enclose the card holders name, account number, expire date. Be sure to enclose your mailing address in the E-mail!. It will be handeled carefully and the papers you get in return will show the name of the bank: Skue Sparebank, 3540 Nesbyen.
If you want to go the loong and slowly way (The book could be sold out before your payment reach the shop!!) send your payment to this account along with your address:
Bank: Skues Sparebank,
Send through: Den Norske Bank,
a/c for international payment
NO 39 23516872853
Your local bank does understand how to do the transaction for you.
Hope this is a help for you to order the new book released after 11th of July 2003. Further announcment of new products will be also made on this page.
Feel free to send me an E-mail if  I can assist any of you in one or another way. I do have all church books for Nes and Flaa parish searchable in files on my computer and I'll try to help if I get your info what to search for.
Good luck in your search for your family. Do see my church pages for more info.
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