Hobby as a radio amateur.

Since I was born I have been interested in a lot of things.

It is not always you can say - this is my best hobby. Because there is so much to tell about every hobby. I can mention as of today: Amateur-radio, pistol and revolver shooting, rifle, computer, woodwork and wood turning. All these hobbies is very time consuming.

Amateur radio is the hobby without borders. You can be on the radio when you have time and you don't need to be thinking about the time. When someone is asleep in Australia someone else is awake in USA. There is always someone to talk to or chat with on CW.(Morse code).

I am mostly into VHF operation on CW. In contests and normal good propagation like: Tropo, Aurora (Northern Light), Meteor scatter and EME (Moonbounch).
Here in Norway it is a lot of Aurora. The signals goes up north to the higher level in the sky and it reflex down to the ground again where someone listen you. Then you establish the contact via the Aurora. My best distance on Aurora is 1700 km on 2 meter (144 MHz) and almost 1700 km on 70 cm (432 MHz).

Tropo is normal good directly connection to someone else around. The distance here in my area for this is limited. This is caused by high mountain area. But there is no problem to get contact over 1000 km.

Meteor scatter is a very difficult mode to operate on. The meteorite is a fast object and this we need to be also. The speed on CW is above 1000 lpm. (letters pro minute)! And the reception is also the same. How to do this when you know that the normal speed chatting is 80 to 120 lpm.? You speed up you transmitting and receiving speed. By using a memory keyer in a loop you can easily get 1200 - 2400 lpm. as the transmitted speed. To receive this speed you need a tape recorder that runs down to almost 0 rpm (round pr. minute) and have a steady running. Then you run the tape recorder ex. on 12 volt on the motor. But going down to 1 volt only to the engine you get reduction 12 times on the receiving signal. Easy to Understand???

Give me a question and I can explain it to you a lot better. It is complicated and has always been so. But it is possible to get distance up to 3000 km by using the meteorites that is almost there every day. In a shower of meteorites you can contact a station also on normal CW if you are lucky.

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