Lars Larsen Dokken.
Known as: Louis Larsen in America.

Lars was born as the first son before the parents was married. The birth date was 29 May 1859. Baptized in Nes Church on 29th of May same year.

He was confirmated on June 7th 1876. He is located in the 1865 census on the farm Ellingbråten. Then in 1878 he is registered in the Nes parish church book as going out to Christiania. (Oslo today). The record is written on 13th of May 1878.

From this record till he is found again in a written paper from a brothers son there is no sight of Lars till 1998. I then discovered him as buried in Milwaukee in 1916. I have checked the Emigration papers for Oslo several times from 1878 till 1883. The only matching record I found is a almost 100% correct one - showing:

"Lars Larsen, arb., 21 aar fra N. Land reiste med dampskibet Hero den 16.mai 1879 til Morhead, Mn. Han har nr 34 og finnes på side 241. "Reise betalt ".

As of today we know a lot more about Lars. He went to Milwaukee got married to a girl from Denmark and they got 5 sons. None of them live today but their childrens again I have been able to locate and also spoken to. This is really amazing to discover and be able to chat with someone from the family that everyone thought was lost. Even one of Louis grandchildren have been to Norway but unfortunately he did not stop at his grandfathers place. I hope that we can be able to get together one day and exchange informations.

If anyone reading this - and would like to help me in Wisconsin to locate the family and other kind of things I would love to hear about it.

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